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Wednesday, 8-Apr-2009 09:36 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Dhani's School Trip

Sime Fresh Farm
Makan sayur boleh jadi popeye kan?
In the bus
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Dhani's kindergarten organised a trip today for the whole school. I joint them just to share the experience with my dearest son. We went to Sime Agro Farm, Seremban State Muzium & Yakult. It was interesting but when we arrived at Yakult I found that they accept too many groups for the day... About 5 groups of students and they're all in primary and secondary school.. hee susah la pulak nak handle budak2 kenit ni.

Dhani was excited all the way. Dia nampak "hosmen" (postman) and "towtrak" (tengkorak) at the muzium... He also love the vege ice blended.. Anak punya pasal I did borong the salad and will made it for him later.The pictures are very nice sbb lupa nak bawak camera. Snap all the pictures with my hp je..

Monday, 5-Jan-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Dhani's 1st Day in School

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It's Dhani's first day in school... Attending kindergarten actually. Finally the day is here. Both, my hubby & me took a day off to send our eldest, beloved son son to school. His first day wasn't so bad. He woke up with smile, took a bath (he cried a bit coz need to take shower a little bit early) then put on his uniform, still ok. Hadifah cried a bit when we sent her to the nursery because she saw everyboday are wearing nice clothes and she's still in her pyjamas along with her brother is not with her.. Kesian si ketot tu...

Dhani's doing good so far in his first day. After all the registration process were done and he'd his place in his class (he's in Donald Duck class) we went for our roti canai. When we came back at almost 10 am, he's fine with his friend, a girl is sitting next to him. My boy is the first in line when the teacher announced it's time to wash hand before they can have their meal.. haha, bab makan memang champion.

Saturday, 20-Dec-2008 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Cherating again...

WanCuwith her kinda style of pose
Family size chalet
Main2 pasir
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As always, never knew why we're so fond of Cherating. Always try to find times and ways to get there... This time hubby had an urgent meeting on Sunday (since it's a working day in Terengganu) at Kerteh, so instead of letting him going there alone, I voluntereed myself and the kids along with my littel sister to accompanied him (hehe.. ada reason la kan...) We didn't place any booking on any hotel, just bantai je la. The moment we get there just try find any place that we can stay. Luckily the favourite place, Tanjung Inn is vacant. Actually it isn't, but as a regular customer, we had the privilage, hehehe...

Sunday, 14-Dec-2008 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sunway Lagoon here we come!!!

Abah n Dhani
Ada tiger!!!
Cowboy town
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I always wonder what is so great about Sunway lagoon... Hmm that place is great, but it'll be greater if this food price is much and much lower.. Not much picture taken cause we're so busy with the activities especially when Dhani almost drowned due to his curiousness..hehe

Monday, 27-Oct-2008 06:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hubby a.k.a. Ment's Birthday

The field
Had the player on it.
Hmmm... what a week. The next day is my dearest, beloved, sayangest hubby's birthday. Some said to me why don't you just combine the celebration together.. Hehe.. Not this time cause I've prepared a SURPRISED!!!! to him.. Nampak le muka dia happy when I presented him the cake. But on another part is that mengah la the whole family need to finish up the cakes. Takpe, once a year only. I bake the same cake as Dhani's which is yogurt cake. Sedap & less sugar.

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